When to Consider Wearing Hearing Aids

Disease, earwax build-up and ear infections are only some of the numerous factors that can result in hearing loss. However, for adults over 30 years of age, hearing loss is usually caused by the aging process and over-exposure to loud noises. Our hearing slowly deteriorates as we grow older, and this slow process can make it difficult for us to determine if we are already experiencing hearing impairment. Hence, it can be hard to figure out if we already need to invest in hearing aids or if there are other available solutions you can take. Thus, to help you discover that you need HC Audiology hearing aids, we took the privilege of listing the indicators below.


Changes in behavioural patterns are significantly related to hearing loss. As age grows, it may seem as if everyone always mumbles and speaks too softly, and this scenario will undoubtedly lead to a variety of different changes in behaviour. To help you determine if you need hearing aids, here are some common signs of hearing loss.


  • Understanding and participating in group conversations has become difficult for you.
  • You prefer to make your TV/radio louder over others.
  • If you keep on complaining that the people are mumbling even though they aren’t.
  • You fail to hear the telephone ringing resulting in missed calls.
  • Have difficulty in both talking and hearing on the telephone.



  • You are having trouble understanding people when they aren’t facing directly at you.
  • If you always ask other people to repeat what they say.
  • Social interactions make you more impatient, irritable and easily frustrated.
  • You tend to avoid attending public events and social occasions.
  • You are now having issues following TV programs or movies.


It is highly recommended that you meet with an audiologist as soon as possible if you experience any of those hearing lost signs listed above. Keep in mind that seeing a hearing care professional is the single best way to determine if you already need HC Audiology hearing aids. To discover what kind of hearing loss you have and if a hearing aid is a perfect solution for you, an audiologist will perform an in-person hearing test popularly known as an audiogram. Your quality of life will surely decrease because hearing loss can lead to a variety of both social and emotional ailments. No one deserves to suffer from hearing loss, so, make an action today to prevent it coming your way.


People with hearing loss do not have difficulty in hearing speech because sometimes their problem is how to understand it. Speech is composed of three sounds, which are the low, mid and high-pitched.  When these three are combined, it provides clarity and meaning. Consonants and hard sounds in speech are naturally higher in pitch and carry the meaning of the words. While vowels and low tones in speech, on the other hand, provide volume to the speech but doesn’t clarify the meaning. These sounds work hand in hand and should always come together for you to comprehend what people say to you.


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