Better Printing Adelaide – Top Three Tips to Make the Best Use of Your Printer

Printers are usually taken for granted. They are so common that we commonly use them without acknowledging their importance and significance to our daily lives. Printing Adelaide isn’t possible without a printer. It’s time you start taking care of your printer and ensure that it will consistently provide high-quality prints whenever you use it. Here are the top three proven tips to make the best use of your printer:


Use A Humidifier to Prevent Clogs


A significant downside about inkjets is that its nozzles can sometimes clog. Studies have been conducted and showed that clogs are more likely to happen when you live in an area with low humidity. If you’re living in an area with low humidity, you can prevent your printer nozzles from clogging by adding a humidifier to the room where you keep your printer. If you continue to experience clogs despite the adjustment, you probably need to replace your cartridge. Another way to prevent clogs is to use your printer regularly. No usage for a couple of days will result in potential clogs.


Fix Any Smeared Printouts


If you’re constantly seeing smears on your prints, it’s commonly caused by something that’s sticking onto your printhead. If your printer includes the nozzles in the cartridge area where you see the smearing, try removing the cartridge. Check to make sure that protective tape over the nozzle is removed completely. If some of those tapes are still attached, remove them right away as they may be the reason for all the smears that you’ve been getting on your prints.


Print Monochrome Documents As ‘Black-Only’


There are no other printer issues that are as annoying than trying to bring a black-and-white document while you’re in a rush and getting an error message, saying that “the printer failed to print because it’s out of ink in certain colours.” That’s why before you hit your printer with a mallet for every time it does this, make sure that you’re printing in “black-only” mode. That way, you won’t have to spend on other ink colours and ensure that you have a supply of ink cartridges on hand.



These top three tips for printing Adelaide will make sure that you will not only produce better prints but will also make sure that your printer will last longer and perform at peak condition every time you use it. For more tips just like this one, check out our blog post section.