Sustainable Garden Ideas for 2019

2019 is the year of environmental movements and advocacy. Many countries, including Australia, are taking significant steps in helping the environment recover. You can help too, and you can start with a sustainable garden. Check out these ideas from reliable Adelaide Landscape Designers that will make your garden renovation an inspiration to others.

Climate change has gotten ever so real as Iceland held a funeral for the first glacier lost to global warming. What can you do to help reduce the planet’s pains? Transform your garden with sustainable designs and models!


Wood Furniture


Instead of purchasing metal or steel furniture for your garden, sort your old cabinets or benches in the basement. Choose those that you don’t use anymore and get a carpentry or joinery expert to reuse the wooden parts. Recycled wooden furniture is one of the best ways to reduce waste in your home.


Herbs and Spices


Ask your Adelaide Landscape Designers to develop a plan that will allow you to plant herbs and spices in your garden. Instead of buying new plants to beautify your yard, grow herbs that you will use for cooking! You’re not just saving money for yourself, but you’re also turning your backyard into a functional yet classy outdoor space.


Logs as Chairs


Landscaping experts can provide you with a design that makes the best out of items you already have. For example, if you have some tree trunks left from cutting a tree that blocks your window, turn the trunk into logs. Send the logs to your woodwork expert for repurposing into chairs or benches.




Choose flowers that butterflies and birds can make use of. You may not be able to give up electricity, but you can do something for insects that need to survive as part of the environmental food chain. After all, a flower garden is a timeless piece of art that will never grow old even as the decades pass.


Solar Panels


If you have a pergola or outdoor space that uses a shade, why not use solar-powered lighting? Your landscape expert can help you determine which parts of the garden need lights. Solar panels will reduce your energy consumption and will also help you achieve your goal of redeeming what we can for the environment.


There are reliable landscape designers in Adelaide who can help turn your sustainable garden dream into reality. Provide the details or ideas you have in mind, such as a solar-powered outdoor lighting system or herb garden with a twist. Your options are almost endless!


Consult with reliable landscaping pros and start your work towards helping our planet recover.