Why Choose an Ideal Photo Booth?

An Adelaide photo booth rental is one of the best ways to get your family or group of friends out on the town and have fun at an affordable cost. With the current economic climate, many families are opting for different forms of entertainment that don’t necessarily require a lot of money to get started. One such way is by renting a photo booth at any of the many downtown Adelaide hotels. Get the best deals at Todays Photobooth.

Adelaide photo boothA typical hire at a popular Adelaide photo booth event includes the photographer, lighting technician, two entry persons and an information desk attendant. The price depends on the number of people you wish to hire and depends on what services you decide to have included in the photo package. The setup cost can sometimes be less than a single bottle of wine for a couple and their guest. Overall this type of hire is the perfect choice for a couple or small group of friends looking for a fun way to capture some memories of the day.

There are other Adelaide photo booths available, including mobile, inflatable, and combo units. Depending on the size of your group, you may want to consider one of these portable options. These take less time to set up and have more flexibility. Many of the newly designed Adelaide photo booth now feature LED technology to make them even easier to operate.

Another great option that you have at your disposal is the “Hi Michael” photo booth. It is a beautifully designed unit that offers one of the unique methods of capturing photographs that there is. A photo is taken by snapping a picture with the camera, which is then transferred directly onto a small LCD screen on the hi Michael unit. Once everyone is in the booth, there is nothing that can make your day more special than the memories that are captured. The memory card is preloaded with over 1000 high-quality photographs. Once everyone is gone, that is it, and you will never have to go back! Get the best deals at Todays Photobooth.

Other popular Adelaide photo booths do not have this special feature. There are standard booths available, and you may be able to find something that is used more often by event planners or by photographers that want a little more flair to their event. If you have never used one of these devices before, you may want to give them a try. They usually run on batteries and can capture hundreds of photos for your use.

One of the most popular reasons to utilize a photo booth at an event is when you want to thank your guests for coming. You can place a big banner above the photobooth displaying your thanks and signifying the end of an event. Many booths feature a wide range of creative graphic displays to keep your guests entertained. You may even find some with LCD screens that flip out to show a favourite picture as you are entering or leaving the venue. Get the best deals at Todays Photobooth.