Teeth Whitening Options for Teenagers and Adults

If you’ve been wondering whether to go for teeth whitening services or not, then you have reached the right place. Our teeth are one of the most attractive features on our faces, and our pearly white teeth are a massive draw for pretty much anybody who looks at us. There are several reasons why this phenomenon has become such a rage in recent times, ranging from wanting to look good to boosting your confidence.

Adelaide teeth whiteningMost of us know that the first thing that meets our teeth is the enamel, which is because of the chemical composition of the teeth. The enamel is made of a tough mineral called enamel, which has a protective layer that prevents decay. However, the wear and tear of everyday life gradually breaks down the enamel layer and exposes the dentin, which is prone to stains and other problems. Therefore, the only logical solution to this problem would be to go for teeth whitening, but this too is a field where lots of false myths have developed, and even though some of these may be true, many are just false.

First, let’s clarify what causes tooth sensitivity. Since the dentin is directly exposed to food and drink, a gradual build-up of food residues, bacteria, and other toxins can cause a slight increase in tooth sensitivity. The effects of this can range from slight discomfort to complete disruption of everyday activities.

Most Adelaide teeth whitening systems over-the-counter employ a compound called hydrogen peroxide, which is present in a few common home remedies like baking soda and strawberries. While the positive effects of strawberries and baking soda are relatively well-known, let’s look at the negative aspects as well. Stains from strawberries and baking soda can easily ruin clothes and furniture if not removed right away. When stains remain, they tend to oxidize or turn brown – a condition known as brown spot or browning. In worse cases, prolonged exposure to hydrogen peroxide has led to chemical damage that may even lead to tooth erosion and even the formation of cavities.

Some common ingredients found in popular teeth whitening toothpaste brands are stearic acid and sodium lauryl sulphate. Stearic acid, often a constituent of toothpaste meant to treat mild to moderate gum disease, has been proven to cause dental sensitivity in some people. Sodium lauryl sulphate, often an ingredient of traditional toothpaste and mouthwashes meant to eliminate harmful bacteria from the mouth, has been known to cause irritation and even damage the gums’ soft tissue.

The best teeth whitening products for teenagers and adults do not contain these ingredients. Instead, they are primarily water-based and have no side effects. In addition, these products include professional whitening kits that can be used in the comfort of your own home. They also come with instructions on how to use them safely so you can get the maximum benefit.

Natural whitening products that do not contain harmful chemicals are the most effective way to obtain that celebrity smile for teens and adults. However, using them is not enough. The teeth must also be cleaned regularly, and the whitener must be replaced after every few months. It is because stains can easily penetrate the tooth enamel and remain there for years. Only by replacing them with practical, safe ones can you expect to see the results you want.

Teeth whitening options for teenagers and adults are readily available on the market. You need to take the time to look around, and you will find that most dentists are more than willing to suggest them. In addition, the American Dental Association is an excellent source of reliable information. All it takes is a little research to find out which products are the best for your teeth and your smile.