Determining the Signs That You Need a New AC

As a homeowner with an air conditioner at home, one of the toughest decisions you will have to make is when to get a new unit.   Although it is undeniable that a new air conditioner is a big investment, continually repairing and operating an old and inefficient unit is more costly. Thus, learning when the time to replace your air conditioner is of vital importance. But the question is, how?

But don’t worry because, in this post, we compiled most of the common signs which indicates that you already need to invest a new Air Conditioning Adelaide.

1 – Your existing setup is over a decade old.

About 15 years is the expected lifespan of a well-maintained air conditioner. However, it makes more sense to replace it if it is more than ten years old and already asking for expensive repairs. When you consider the advancements with efficiency, it is especially true.

2 – Your AC is no longer efficient.

Operating an air conditioner unit with low SEER rating can cost you a lot of money. Presently, a SEER rating of at least 13 is what newly manufactured air conditioners should have. So to cut back on your energy costs, replace your old units that have below 13 SEER rating with a new and more efficient one.

3 – You always face repairs.

You will want to weigh the costs of the repair against the costs of a new unit any time you are facing an expensive AC repair. It significantly makes more financial sense to replace your old unit if the cost that the repairs ask would cover a large part of a new system.  It is especially if your air conditioner is showing any of the other signs in this list.

4 – Your AC frequently experiences breakdowns.

Once you notice that your air conditioner breaks down always, now may be the time to consider investing in a new one. However, all those repair costs can really add up. Not only that but obviously, it doesn’t make any sense to keep using an older unit that is already inefficient. Fortunately, by investing in a new air conditioning unit, you will be free from headaches and stress. Not only that, but you get to save money too!

5 – You no longer feel comfortable.

If your air conditioning unit now is giving you a hard time keeping your home cool then, replace it immediately. It could be a sign of an aging Air Conditioning Adelaide or an incorrectly sized system. It is undeniable how we want our air conditioner to function effectively. Thus, you will have to replace it with an efficient unit if it no longer helps in keeping your home cool regardless of the cause.