3 Safety Tips for Wearing Baby Carriers Australia

“Babywearing” – the act of wrapping your baby in your body to bring them with you – is a growing trend. Wearing your baby instead of putting them in the cradle helps reduce crying, makes breastfeeding more manageable, and frees up your hands to do other things. It also promotes a special mother-child bonding. So if you choose to use baby carriers Australia, here are some tips that will keep your baby safe:


Do Your Own Research

Before purchasing a baby carrier, try a variety of models first. Determine which of them is best for you and your child. An easy way to do this is to go to a local babywearing meeting – yes; it’s a growing trend, remember? That way, you can get to see and try out as many carriers as you can. Once you’ve narrowed down your list, determine your baby’s age, weight and height meet with the product guidelines. Look for online safety reviews and make sure there aren’t any negative feedback. Make sure you’ve done your research thoroughly to make sure the baby carrier that you purchase is the undisputed right one for your child.


Practice Without Your Baby First

Try using the carrier without your baby first. You can use a stuffed animal, large doll, or even a bag of flour so you can have some weight in the carrier. Baby carriers Australia can be tough to wear or remove; so make sure you practice wearing and removing it at the same time. You can have someone help you at first. But also do some solo run-throughs so that you’d be confident wearing and removing the carrier by yourself. Now that you’ve familiarised everything about your carrier, it’s time to wear it with your baby. Be careful not to restrict your child’s airflow. It won’t be perfect the first time, but constant practice will make you a natural baby wearer.


Make Sure Your Baby is Positioned Correctly

Finally, you should make sure that your baby is positioned when wearing your baby carrier. Your little one’s airway should remain clear while in the carrier. His chin shouldn’t be tucked, and his face shouldn’t be pressed up against your body. Both of these positions can potentially obstruct your baby’s breathing, which would lead to suffocation. Instead, your baby should be in an upright position, which his face visible at all time. Also, make sure you check on him often to see how he is holding up.


Wearing baby carriers Australia isn’t as hard as most mommies would think. However, there are certain preparations that need to be made. So make sure you follow these tips. For more tips and guides, visit our blog page.