The Wonders of the Baling Twine: Uses & Benefits

 Are you in the agricultural industry? Do you find yourself in the field making great-quality hay? Are you looking to stack your hay and bundle them up neatly to be stored for future use? Then you need the best rope to get the job done! Look no further than a heavy-duty baling twine for all of your wrapping and storing needs. We are currently offering the best quality baling twine here in Australia. We consider this product as top notch, and in this article, you’re going to know what a baling twine is and why a lot of farmers and producers rely on it to wrap and tie not just bale but other things as well.


What Is A Baling Twine?

A baling twine, or baler twine, is a cord made of strong and durable fibres. It’s mainly used to tie other fibrous materials like straw and hay into more compact forms that can be stackable for more effective storage. Baling twine commonly consists of the following materials:


  • 65% Cellulose
  • 12% Hemicellulose
  • 10% Lignin
  • 1% Wax


These natural properties help prevent dust or moisture absorption, keeping baling twines dry and clean to help make hay develop into fresh fodder or livestock feed. The properties that make up baling twine also make it more durable and longer-lasting. Baler twines are also recyclable and serve other purposes as well.


Uses of Baling Twine

The baling twine is a fibrous rope that’s mainly for the farming and animal feed production industry. It’s a cord that binds straw or hay together. You can either use baling twine to tie bales into the square- or round-like shapes. The square variant is then stacked together for storage or transport purposes. The round options are usually for outside storage. Aside from that, baling twines also supplement the use of any other type of ropes.



Get Your Baling Twine Today!

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