Factors to Consider Before Bathroom Renovations

Whether you have a master ensuite or a simple powder room bathroom, before remodelling it, functionality should be at the core. Consider the lighting, the drainage, space and the appearance you want to achieve. After that, you can then embark on bathroom renovations Adelaide. To undertake a bathroom remodelling process, it is crucial that all the cards are at the table.




To achieve this, there some factors you need to consider. These include:




The bathroom drainage system is of utmost importance. The size is important because a lot of hair and gunk goes down the drain. Therefore, when you decide to renovate your bathroom, rather than reinstalling the 1 ½ inch drainage pipes, you might go for more full pipes. The larger pipers come in handy if you want to reduce the frequency of clogging in your bathroom.




Before embarking on the mission to renovate your bathroom, you have an idea of what you want. Therefore, when it comes to the lighting in the bathroom, you can quickly change the bulbs for brighter ones. However, this process should be meticulous about avoiding steam getting to contact with the lamp. To prevent such, you can install an appropriate trim to protect the bulb. Additionally, you can fix a dim switch to enable you to control the lights, hence manipulate the mood in the bathroom.


Medical Cabinets


There is no better location or place to install a medicine cabinet than in the bathroom. Rather than having a hollow vanity, you could fill up space with a medical cabinet. With the proper measurements, you can have a cabinet installed at no additional cost as you only frame the open part of the vanity.


Bathroom Window


If you like to take your time in the shower, then installing a window is a great idea. Not only does it improve the lighting in the bath during the day but also enhance air circulation. When you settle on the window, ensure that it tilts slightly, to allow for proper drainage. Also, make sure it is frosted, for privacy, and that the areas around it are watertight.


Shower Floor


Most bathroom floors have ceramic tiles. When undertaking some bathroom renovation Adelaide, ensure that you change large tiles for smaller ones. Smaller tiles are easier to install. Additionally, their grout lines are closer together, making them less slippery compared to the large tiles.

Bathroom renovations Adelaide are activities that need proper organisation. With the right idea and means to actualise them, you can quickly achieve a better, bigger, brighter and more convenient bathroom in your home.