Building a Granny Flat in Your Backyard

Granny flat might just be what you are looking for as an alternative to nursing homes. They are an excellent addition to your backyard, mostly if you are looking to have an extra room in the house. It will be somewhere your folks will live, for this reason, it should be built in the right manner.

This fully self-contained home extension is usually built on the same plot of land that your first house is and can share the backyard area. If you are considering adding a granny flat, it is advised that you take your time and do research to avoid some errors.  There are so many designs that are available in the market today. Some of the things you should look out for in your design plan include.

Room sizes: It is imperative that you know what size each room in the granny flat will be. If you settle for a design that is not on display, request the company to write the dimensions of each room on the plan. It is vital that you ensure that all the measurements are precise. There is no point of having a granny flat which will not serve its purpose. For example, maybe the bed and furniture won’t fit, or the TV will not match in the lounge. Your folks need to feel comfortable in their space and have room to move around.

Lighting-windows: Lighting is another consideration which you should never ignore. Having natural light entering the room is mentally and physically beneficial. Ensure that the windows are the right size to let in just the right amount of sunlight in the place. The positioning of the windows is also very crucial. Wrongly positioned windows can destroy the general feel of the flat.

Choosing a Company: Once you have decided to have a granny flat built, you need someone to implement that decision. Start by going through the designs that will suit your specifications. Some companies will give you the chance to design your granny flat if what you are looking for is not in their catalogue. You need to choose a company which you feel you can work with without any complications.

However, there are some fundamental factors which you need to consider. How long has the company been operational? Experience is an added advantage since it means that you will be working with people who know the industry well. Also, consider your budget since different companies charge differently. It is also crucial that you do a lot of research for example over the internet about the company to get as much information as possible.

If you are among those asking are granny flats in Adelaide still built? Yes, they are being built until today and have many uses. In fact, a lot more people are creating granny flats than before. Even if you do not have an elderly parent that can stay in the granny flat, you can rent it out and earn money from it. Also, there are those days that you have excess visitors and cannot fit in your guest rooms, in such cases, your granny flat will be of great use.