Considerations in the Purchase of a New Printer

With the numerous printing options available in the market today, you will surely find printer shopping a daunting task. Know that there are a handful of different varieties you must consider even if your aim is only to buy Colour Printers Adelaide. Take note that not all colour printers available are the same.

Finding the one that best addresses your specific needs is your focus. Not all printers offer the same level of functionality and reliability. And purchasing the most expensive one is not an assurance that you are getting the best deal. Let’s narrow down the factors you must consider below based on the setting from where you will use your printer for most of the time.

Printing needs at home

The best for home needs are printers built for low volumes of print and have the versatility to handle documents and colour images. Back in the day, inkjet printers were traditionally the best option by many home users. However, the continuous improvement in the performance of laser printers as well as in terms of economy and durability made it the desirable home printer option as of today.

Office printing needs

The laser printer is the go-to option when shopping a printer for office use. A laser printer is capable of printing large volumes of text for an extended period. Thus, it is no secret that it is the workhorse of any workplace. You may select between print-only printers and multi-function types that also offer copying, scanning and faxing capabilities. If you occasionally need coloured prints in addition to the high-volume document printing needs of the office, laser Colour Printers Adelaide is perfect for you.

School printing

For school use, on the other hand, low page yield laser printers suit best. Compared to inkjet printers and office laser printers, low page yield laser printers are more affordable in the long term. Plus, when it comes to producing documents, it is much reliable as you need it.

Creative printing

The coloured imagery produced by inkjet printers is something unbeatable. However, you need to avoid the cheap inkjet printers as it tends to use a lot of ink. Not only that but also its cartridges usually carry only a small amount of ink compared to pricier models. Thus, if you opt for cheap ones, you will end up replacing ink often to the point where you outprice your printer. Go for inkjet printers with nothing but less than six ink spots for high-quality coloured prints.



If you remain unsure about what to get or your printing needs are a combination of some of the above categories, we suggest that you do additional research. Never focus on the price when shopping for a printer. It is because you will inevitably end up purchasing a cheap one that won’t address all your printing needs.