Components of Successful Online Marketing Solutions

To have a fruitful online business, small business owners must include the four essential elements into their solutions discussed in this article. By implementing each of these components into their online marketing solutions, the odds of success will dramatically increase.

The 4 Components of Successful Online Marketing Solutions:

  1. Get more traffic by locating people who want your products, who have money to buy your products, and who are ready to buy your products right now. You want buyer traffic, not browser traffic.
  2. Squeeze page. A squeeze page takes your traffic – your targeted list of customers and converts them into leads. The main work of the squeeze page is to turn your visitors into instant fans, so they’ll want to leave their name and email address with you so that you can stay in touch with them to provide excellent information, offers, and solutions to the problems they face. You should have a separate squeeze page for each of the products and services you offer.
  3. Email autoresponder. Email is the primary way you stay in touch with the person that just left their name and email address with you. Typically, the first time someone sees you and your offer, the first time they meet you – they are not ready to buy. They are just getting to you. Now sometimes they will buy on the spot, on impulse, but not usually.

Usually, they need to get to know you first, to trust you, and to like you. Then, later after you’ve built a relationship with them – via email – when you offer something, they will buy. People like to know they’re giving their hard-earned money to an individual or a business they can trust. Build that trust. Then ask them to buy.

  1. Metrics. Adding metrics to everything you do allows you to know what’s working and what’s not. The only way you know if something works is to try it, test it, and to measure the results.

Then you can build on those small successes by testing some more, and be keeping what works and trashing what doesn’t. By making small changes over time, you will begin to see measurable improvements.

And before you know it, your squeeze page that was not getting any traffic initially is getting thousands of visitors a month, then tens of thousands, then hundreds of thousands. Your squeeze page that did not convert any visitors initially is converting 10% of all visitors to leads, then 20%, then 30%. Your list of subscribers that did not buy anything initially is buying more, too.