Go Head-to-Head with the Biggest Names in Your Industry with These Facebook Marketing Tips

In most cases, people tend to exaggerate on their Facebook marketing strategies. Many marketers are even looking in the wrong direction – from numbers to black hat schemes that will lead them to nowhere. While increasing follower count and improving overall user engagement is essential, know that they shouldn’t be the ones you focus on. Instead, what you need is to make simple yet impactful changes to the appearance of your Facebook business page. Billions of people are currently active on Facebook. However, you’ll attract no one if you don’t follow these essential Facebook marketing tips brought to you by Social Medic. Use these strategies now and start dominating even the most household brand in your industry.

Make Your Profile Picture More Relevant

Facebook MarketingIf you think your brand’s profile picture is just a random picture that you can get away with, you’re entirely wrong. In fact, it’s the single most significant factor in your profile that will make or break your Facebook marketing campaign. Before you can say we’re overreacting, keep in mind that your profile picture is a visual representation that people will refer to when recognizing your brand. It’s the first element that your followers will see when they visit your business page, as well as interact with you in the comment section.

The bottom line is that imagery is a crucial aspect of your Facebook marketing strategy. So make sure you start making good impressions through using a relevant profile picture that speaks about your brand as a whole. A high-definition image of your logo is a great start. Check out the official Social Medic blog page for more information.

Don’t Forget About Your Cover Photo

The cover photo is the largest image that you can place on your Facebook business profile. It takes up a huge chunk of your page which is why it’s something you shouldn’t ignore. The image you set as your cover photo will be seen by all of your followers who visit your business page. If you want them to stick around and know more about your brand, you should give that “wow” factor that will provide your visitors more reason to stick around and see what you have to offer. Make sure it’s an attractive image that can visually represent what your brand is all about.

Don’t just select any random image because it looks great – that’s not the main purpose of your cover photo. With all that real estate, you can add more like your contact details, or other information that you want to provide to potential followers. Make the most of your cover photo, and your Facebook marketing campaign will shoot through the roof. For more information, visit Social Medic now.