Floor Polishing Is Not For the Faint of Heart

If you have a concrete, timber, or Terrazzo floor, you might want to consider floor polishing Adelaide. This process involves sanding and polishing the floor surface. This process is not for the faint of heart. You should seek professional advice if you are unsure what you’re doing.


floor polishing AdelaideIf you live in Adelaide and have a concrete floor in your home or business, you may want to consider concrete floor polishing. This process can restore the beauty of your floors while ensuring their durability. Concrete floors are also excellent insulators, which will reduce your energy bills. However, they must be maintained properly to maintain their beauty. Professionals in concrete floor polishing Adelaide can help keep your floors looking great.

Polishing concrete starts by grinding the floor surface using diamond abrasive tools. This process removes surface scratches and imperfections in the concrete, exposing the aggregates underneath. After the floor is polished, it will be dust-free, easier to clean and more affordable to maintain than an unpolished floor.


When you want your terrazzo floor to look its best, it’s time to get it professionally restored. After all, these floors can become scratched and dull over time. Fortunately, there are Adelaide terrazzo floor polishing experts that can restore your floors to their original lustre. In addition, these professionals are experienced in repairing and restoring terrazzo surfaces.

Terrazzo floor polishing is similar to marble floor polishing, except the polishing process uses different diamonds and a special terrazzo floor hardener. This process also strengthens and seals the stone surface. Terrazzo is a composite material of marble, granite, quartz, and glass chips mixed with cement. Floor grinding machines are used to grind and polish this type of flooring. It is one of the hardest stone products available.


Timber floor polishing Adelaide professionals can bring the natural beauty of timber floors back to life. Polishing can also protect the floor against everyday wear and tear. In addition, a polished floor will improve the look of rugs and other furnishings. It is also easier to clean. So whether you’re looking to create a warm and inviting atmosphere or simply want to ensure that your home’s floors look their best, floor polishing Adelaide professionals can help.

Professionals sand and polish timber floors for a smooth finish. They can be used on new or old floors and improve your home’s overall aesthetics. You can also hire them to sand and polish cork floors.

Terrazzo sanding

If your terrazzo floor has lost its shine, it may be time to have it sanded and polished. The process involves using fine diamond abrasives smaller than those used for honing. This results in a floor that has fewer pores and will require less maintenance. A specialist terrazzo sanding Adelaide company can provide you with this service.

Terrazzo is a unique flooring material that combines a cement base with ground marble. These two materials’ proportions vary depending on the project and the desired outcome. However, a general ratio of 50 kg of cement to 80 kg of marble is recommended for floors and a ratio of 25-40% for walls. The terrazzo mix may also contain various additives. Your terrazzo supplier will advise you on these additives to use.

Timber floor polishing

floors can be restored with sanding and polishing. A professional floor polishing Adelaide services can perform domestic or commercial sanding services and refinish your timber floors to bring back their original beauty. Sanding and polishing services are suitable for both old and new floorboards. They can also be used to restore cork floors.

Depending on your needs, you can choose between water-based and solvent-based finishes. Water-based finishes are quick to dry, while solvent-based finishes last longer. However, solvent-based finishes can leave a strong chemical odour. Generally, they last for up to a week. Choose a reputable service provider who can offer different packages to get the best results.

Timber floor sanding

Using a floor sander is essential in restoring your timber floors’ beauty and longevity. This process is also a great way to protect the timber from scuffs and scratches. Depending on your finish, it may require several coats to provide lasting protection. In addition, it’s also important to make sure that the floor is completely dry before applying the sealer. The right sealer for your timber floor will depend on the wood’s condition and the room’s usage.

When considering a company for your timber floor sanding Adelaide needs, choose one specialising in this work. Above Board Floor Sanding has more than 20 years of experience in the industry and can provide you with free quotes and new timber flooring. This Adelaide-based company uses only the best hardwoods and suppliers to ensure a quality finish. These companies also provide free quotes, and before and after photos, so you can see exactly what you can expect when you hire them.