The Benefits of Using a Foldable Arm Awning

Folding arm awnings are a relatively new type of home awning that has rapidly become popular across the country. There are many good reasons for this, the first of which is the current home decorating trend. In addition, many homeowners today are looking to go “green” and try to reduce their carbon footprint by redesigning their entire home using recycled or recyclable materials. A home awning is one area where you can save money by reusing an older, less-than-ideal awning. Suppose you purchase a good used folding arm awning and use it in combination with other methods of protecting your home from the elements. In that case, you can dramatically reduce your electric bill while increasing the value of your home.


While there are many good reasons for going green, perhaps the most compelling reason is that you will be able to save money during the life of your home. The savings are due primarily to the fact that a free motor awning offers more protection to the lower areas of your home than do traditional coverings. As a result, those areas that would otherwise be uncovered during the summer months with a conventional shade cloth now receive protection from the sun, rain, or snow during the winter. In addition to providing shade, a free motor awning allows you to avoid the high costs involved with purchasing and storing traditional shade cloths; find more info here.

One type of motorized folding arm awnings uses air and ground sources to raise and lower the unit. The controls are located on the top of the canopy. Typically, these types of awnings are used for commercial uses and require a good electrician and some level of knowledge of wiring. However, a simple manual retainer on the top of the awning can provide all the lift and lowering needs for residential use. In addition, these types of awnings are the least expensive and the easiest to operate.

The second type of motorized folding arm awnings is called a retractable fabric motorized unit. These units use a cord, similar to a rope, to raise and lower the unit. The advantage to using a retractable fabric motorized unit is that it is more durable and can last longer than a standard corded model. Retractable fabric units are also much easier to install, although they require some skill to install. As a result, some people may choose to purchase a standard box awning for their residence rather than the retractable fabric model.

The last type of folding arm awnings is called the motorized fold up and move away (MFP) units. These models are very similar to a retractable unit, except the motorisation is on the side of the awning, allowing you to quickly move the awning to the correct location without needing to climb on and off. Folding Arm Awnings Adelaide makes this folding arm awning much easier to install and use. However, the motorization is not as durable as the models that are in the previous two paragraphs. In addition, you will need to have the special skill of installing MFP awnings by attaching them to the side of your home with screws or nails.

There are many advantages to purchasing one of the various folding arm awnings. The first main advantage is that they provide better protection from the elements by covering areas that would be otherwise exposed. For example, if you live in a place where it snows heavily, consider investing in an awning to protect your skin from the snow and protect the awning’s fabric from damage from the wind. In addition, MFP units allow you to have the comfort and look of a more expensive fabric while still saving your awning from injury in the wind. Finally, foldable awnings are a cost-effective way to extend the life of your existing awning and add to the decorative value of your home; find more info here.