Top 3 Frequently Asked Questions About LANAP Surgery Near Adelaide

Over 75 per cent of Australian adults are suffering from some type of gum disease. This percentage makes it one of the most common conditions here in Australia. However, only 45 per cent are aware of having it. What’s worse is that only 10 per cent of adults with moderate to severe gum disease are accepting treatment – mostly because of fear. If overlooked and left untreated, gum disease can lead to bone loss, bleeding, receding gums, and tooth loss. Fortunately, there’s an excellent option for dental patients who are fearful of the conventional scalpel surgery for gum disease: the LANAP protocol. Click here to get a LANAP surgery near Adelaide.


This method involves a minimally invasive laser treatment that helps treat gum disease. The LANAP treatment is the only known treatment that’s clinically and scientifically proven to treat and regenerate both bone and soft tissues in your gums. If you’re interested, here are three frequently asked questions about the LANAP protocol:


What is the LANAP Protocol?

Things might be going too fast for you. That’s why we’re going to explain it to you in a more understandable tone. The LANAP protocol is a gum disease treatment method that uses a specific type of dental laser known as the ‘PerioLase MVP-7.’ Due to its non-invasive process, the LANAP protocol is the only dental treatment to receive FDA clearance for ‘True Regeneration.’ That means is can regrow new cementum, new alveolar bone, and new periodontal ligaments. These three components are necessary for full oral functioning. The LANAP protocol has been widely used by the dental community for years now. It’s time you give it a try as well.


What are the Benefits of the LANAP Protocol?

Here’s a list of the benefits that dental patients can achieve through the LANAP protocol:

  • Less pain after the operation
  • Quicker recovery time
  • Healthy and great-looking gums with minimal recession
  • Regeneration without any foreign materials needed


Click here for a deeper and detailed explanation on each of these points. You can also click here to get LANAP surgery near Adelaide.


Who is a Candidate for LANAP Surgery?

Are you wondering if the LANAP protocol is right for you? If you have moderate-to-severe gum disease, you can benefit from the LANAP protocol. It’s also an excellent treatment option for patients who fear conventional treatments like scalpel surgery.


So as you can see, the LANAP protocol is a popular solution for gum disease. Learn more about it by clicking this link. You can also book an appointment for LANAP surgery near Adelaide with one of our dentists for a more in-depth explanation of this method.