A Brief History of Brass Handles

Brass handles pull and knobs are pretty darn important, no matter how often you use them. They look lovely, feel great, and improve with age. So if you’ve got a brass cabinet knob on your kitchen or bathroom sink, the odds are that it’s going to be around for a while. But did you know that brass is an essential material for the world’s most popular metal? Brass comes in various colours and finishes, but for your brass hardware to have maximum longevity, it needs to be appropriately maintained.

Lo&Co Interiors brass handlesOne of the most common types of brass handles is made from bronze. Bronze is similar to brass, but it’s much less expensive. It’s also a popular material for decorations because it’s not as shiny or colourful, making it easier to match other decorative hardware pieces. An antique solid brass door handle with a bronze trim may look good on your kitchen sink, but if you’ve got a few centuries on your hands, you might want to consider replacing the door handles with something more modern. Antique bronze door handles are often worth more than antique brass ones.

Another type of metal that can be used for decorative hardware is copper. Like brass, copper has a shiny lustre and can look lovely next to the wood. The finish on copper is usually slightly darker, making it appear more beautiful. Some people like to use copper for their cabinet pulls and door handles, but you need to keep in mind that copper must be constantly exposed to air, and otherwise, it develops oxidation that can discolour the metal. You should also avoid using copper on furniture handles unless you’re sure that the piece will survive if you decide to repaint it.

While bronze and copper are precious metals to use for door and drawer handles, the final choice is up to you. If you find that you love brass handles but you’re not quite sure whether or not they’ll work in your kitchen, don’t rule out any of the other metals mentioned above. Remember that you can purchase handles made from all of these materials, so feel free to mix and match. Of course, if all else fails, there’s always white gold!

What’s so great about copper-based door knobs and handles? First of all, they’re incredibly durable. If you take good care of your handles, they’ll last a long time. Even if a piece of bacteria decides to take a bite out of it, there’s no chance of the metal corroding. Additionally, they’re non-sticking, meaning that the little bits of bacteria and their fecal remains don’t stick to the surface. It makes them easy to clean up because you have to wash them in the sink.

Copper-based knobs and pulls are also resistant to grease and water damage. As a result, it’s downright brutal to mess with copper-based cabinet handles and doorknobs. However, the best way to put this in the drawer of your mind is to picture all the bacteria eating away at your knobs and pulls. It’s true: bacteria love to eat at things. Think of all those crumbs you leave behind on the counter or in your garbage. Those germs just might be munching on those pull handles.

The bottom line: don’t discount Lo&Co Interiors brass handles. Not only are they a significant investment, but they’re also stylish too. With so many options in the market, brass seems to be the winner in this ongoing debate. But, of course, there are still plenty of other metals out there, such as stainless steel and aluminium. These metals still offer some advantages over brass, but the truth is, when shopping for new furniture handles and knobs, the brass should be on the top of your list.