How to Choose the Ideal Impact Driver

If you are a do-it-yourself enthusiast or someone who makes a living out of construction or repair jobs, then you wouldn’t disagree with the notion that an impact driver should be one of the essential machines or tools in your collection. As a tradesman or DIY home improvement guy, you certainly will welcome the idea of using a cordless Makita impact driver. Back in the day, the conventional impact driver was a useful and indispensable member of the tradesman’s array of tools, but some jobs became challenging and difficult because of the cable or power cord. Today, you have the option to go for a cordless variety.

But then again, some people still prefer a corded variety, thinking all along that it does not compromise power. Nevertheless, if you are in the market looking to buy one, you must understand that there are other things to factor in other than the question of whether you go for the corded or cordless type.

In choosing the best impact driver for your needs, you must look at the:

1 – Motor

For starters, the best variety of impact driver is the one that comes equipped with a brushless motor. It is true that a brushless motor impact driver is pricier than the brushed motor variant, but you will benefit from it in the form of less maintenance and longer life. They also provide efficiency and less heat. Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that choosing a brushed motor is practical if you are only using the Makita impact driver for home improvement jobs at home or small commercial projects.

2 – Voltage

You can buy cordless impact drivers in 12V and 18V varieties. You expect a 12V impact driver to match the inch/pounds of torque of the 18V drill, but you get more inch/pounds if you choose to get the 18V variety. But you should know that about 70% of your tasks involving the impact driver is doable using the 12V range. Nonetheless, if you expect to do some more and need additional power, then your best bet is the 18V impact driver.

3 – RPM

You probably already know by now that impact drivers are designed to offer and deliver brute force, but the thing is you do not need all of it in one instance. When you buy a new impact driver, one of the considerations on your list is the RPM. You can choose from different speeds, depending on your needs. There also are models that come equipped with unique modes intended for versatility in controlling the tool’s speed in working with metal and wood.

When you’re finally out there hoping to purchase a new impact driver, you must also consider the brand since it usually corresponds to the quality of your tool. Some brands prove to be more reliable than others.