Advantages of Silage Film

Net-Wrap silage film can be used to wrap baled grain to improve feed quality. In addition to its versatility, this type of film can be made into any shape, including square bales. Despite its versatility, it has a low stickiness rating and should only be used on grain that has been prepared for animal feeding. However, its high sticking capacity is a big advantage for farmers looking to save time and money. And because it’s easy to use, it’s also highly durable.

Net-Wrap silage filmA silage film has two layers. First, the top layer needs to be flexible and thin enough to ensure a good fit for the forage. The second layer, the silaseal sheet, creates a vacuum inside the storage silo. Oxygen is naturally absorbed through the fermentation process, so this layer prevents oxygen from entering the silo. Secondly, the underlayer oxygen barrier sheet must adhere completely to the forage. The bottom layer should be rigid so that it doesn’t have air pockets. Finally, it must have a high slip factor to avoid damage to the bale during stapling.

The film won’t easily slip off the bales if you have a high-slip layer. It helps prevent the film from tearing and preventing damage during storage and stapling. Furthermore, the top layer needs a UV masterbatch to prevent sunlight from reaching the bale. In addition, the film needs to be moisture-resistant as well. Lastly, the film should withstand UV rays from the sun and remain stable throughout its production.

To be effective, Net-Wrap silage film must have a high slip layer. This layer protects the bales during the stapling process and ensures aeration. This layer can be reinforced with a UV additive to protect the bales from light damage. In this way, the film is eco-friendly and makes the storage of bales easier. If you want to produce silage film in a larger quantity, it should be made of the right materials.

This film is constructed with UV protection and is made with state-of-the-art extrusion and blending technology. It also significantly reduces breakage and ensures the tightest wraps. It’s also recyclable, which is another advantage. AgriSeal’s product is a great choice for farmers.

If you’re planning to use Net-Wrap silage film to wrap bales, the first step is to determine the properties you need. The main purpose of silage film is to protect the bale from sunlight. To do this, it must have a high slip layer. The higher the slip layer, the better. The cling level will be between five and 10 N/m. A cast film line will produce a film with PIB in either liquid or granule form.