4 Things You Need to Know About SEO & Social Media in Adelaide

When it comes to online marketing, two terms tend to resonate among all the other strategies that you make: SEO & social media in Adelaide. While they may be different in a lot of ways, SEO and social media do share common traits. They can even work side-by-side to provide your brand with all the online visibility it can get. That will be the topic of this article as we go through four things you need to know about SEO and social media


Social Link May Boost Your Search Rank


Most experts claim that SEO requires social media presence for your rankings to skyrocket to greater heights. But does social links boost your search rank? Google nor any other search engine didn’t make any official claim to this in recent years. However, Researchers seem to show that social links do help your SEO rank. In fact, most experts claim that links published on social media are considered as credible back-links, which influences a page’s position in the search results.



Social Media Profiles Rank in Search Engines


Social links boost your search rank because your social media profile is also visible on social media. Google has made strides in trying to connect social media to search engines for better visibility and relevance. It has resulted in businesses establishing stable rankings in their respective niche by creating highly optimised social media profiles spanning across multiple platforms.


Social Media Channels Are Also Search Engines


Nowadays, search engines aren’t the only platforms people go to for information. They’re also using social media channels as well. Keep in mind that SEO & social media in Adelaide are becoming quite similar in terms of providing information. While social media isn’t as comprehensive as search engines, it’s definitely heading towards that direction. Time will come when it can now offer other features that can rival that of search engines.


Give Bing some Love


While Google may be the undisputed search engine king, you shouldn’t count other search engine sites like Bing. While Google may have back-tracked and changed its stance on social signals, Bing has always been open about using social media signals in their search algorithm. So if you’re looking to rank on search engines via social media, encourage your followers to use Bing as well.


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