A Guide to Choosing Stockinette Bags for Meat Processing

The methods involved in packaging meat products today are very different from how it was done several years back. There even is an ongoing trend in which meatpacking plants and suppliers will provide the food to consumers for consumption. It means it has become possible for consumers and the people that handle their food to communicate and do business without an intermediary. If you head straight to a grocery store or wet market, you will see food like meat and ham wrapped in smart packaging, the purpose of which is to preserve the quality while being transported and moved from the plant to their destinations.

Stockinette BagsRegarding meat processing and packaging, nothing is more reliable than the use of stockinette bags for ham and other products. Meatpacking companies love to use stockinette bags because of their reliability, durability, and resilience. However, you must acknowledge the fact that not all stockinette bags out there possess similar qualities. So, if you are in the meat processing and packaging business, you must be extra careful when choosing the supplier of your bags.

With regards to selecting the perfect material of your stockinette bags for ham and other meat products, you ought to pick between cotton and mutton cloth. While you probably already have a preference in mind, it is essential that you learn what qualities each material has so that you will figure out which one is best for your meat processing and packaging business.

Stockinette bags made from mutton cloth are best used for wrapping meat carcasses, including huge ones. They also are a preferred option in the fishing industry when it comes to wrapping and storing fresh fish to keep their quality. If you choose mutton cloth, you have the luxury of picking from different sizes, depending on the size of the product you plan on packing. Avoid buying from a supplier that refuses to provide you with varying sizes of mutton cloth stockinette bags because it will become a burden for you to retrofit the bags for your specific needs for it.

If you wish to ponder on the possibility of using stockinette bags made from cotton, you’re lucky because there are multiple suppliers you can go to in Australia. It is a type of stockinette bag made from pure cotton yarn and is best used for packaging meat products with an emphasis on food hygiene as well as safety. The advantage of a cotton-made stockinette bag is that it allows better absorbency as well as air circulation compared to the one made from mutton. So, if you want your meat to breath and get enough moisture, then the cotton variety should be your first option. However, be sure you choose a reputable supplier for a cotton stockinette bag since some might give you something that’s not made from pure cotton.