Finding the Perfect Swim Shorts

Do you know what to wear with a cute little body to hit the beach? Yes? Then get it right with simple colours such as grey, navy, black and light pastel, neutral colours (white, sand, stone, light purple), or opt for a more sophisticated, block Colour combination such as classic or tailored cut. Choosing a pair of stylish ORTC Clothing swim shorts will make you stand out from the crowd, but you have to remember that you will be wearing your shorts for quite some time. So here are a few tips:

These days, most ORTC Clothing swim shorts are made with a fitted straight leg. This makes sure that your bottoms are securely held in place, and your shorts hug your body with just the right amount of lift without being too tight or loose-fitting. Straight leg shorts are available in both classic and tailored styles, with elastic waistbands for that extra slimming effect. Opt for the classic, flat finish that will camouflage any lumps and bumps along your sides and back for a streamlined look.

When selecting a pair of ORTC Clothing swim shorts that are both flattering and comfortable, the adage always applies: fit is everything. Always ensure that your shorts fit well; if they don t run a size too small, they will be uncomfortable, and if they are fit too large, they will be heavy and difficult to move in. If you are planning to wear them in warm weather, try to find shorts with an open-front design and a wider front waistband to provide greater ease of movement. Also, look for shorts with an elastic waistband – this will help make a pair of shorts comfortable and prevent the growth of unwanted waistline fat.

Board shorts essentially swim shorts that have been cut short in terms of their length. These shorts tend to provide a great deal of coverage in terms of leg area, so they are best used with a pair of shorter, more conservative swim shorts, especially those made from smooth, flexible, yet breathable fabrics such as cotton or Lycra. Board shorts are also extremely comfortable to wear and should be worn with a pair of shorts or a skirt, depending on your comfort level with revealing legs. Available in both basic and specialty designs, board shorts are great for those self-conscious of their inseam size but who still want to look stylish when out and about.

Stand-up swim shorts are very similar to classic ORTC Clothing swim shorts in terms of their overall length and cut. However, stand-up swim shorts tend to be a little more comfortable to wear, as they tend to sit a little higher on your hips, providing additional coverage. Because stand-ups are designed to be loose and stretchy, they’re typically best worn with a pair of bikini shorts or long, flowing tunics. If you wear a dress, it may be necessary to ensure that your dress is stretchy enough to accommodate your shorts.

Swim trunks are a type of tricot that can be found in both long and short cuts. A swim trunk is typically a stretchy piece of material that runs from one hip to the other across the top of your feet. Many swim trunks feature elastic bands at the top, which allow them to be adjusted and altered as you get used to wearing them, so you can always find a good fit regardless of how much skin you have to expose. Similar to swim shorts, swim trunks tend to offer very minimal coverage, but they are great for those who wish to have more control over their leg shape and coverage area. Like swim shorts, swim trunks are typically best worn with a bikini or tankini, as they are not only more comfortable than regular shorts, but they also cover more area than regular bottoms do, making them excellent for fitness workouts.