Using Weighted Products to Manage Autism

Autism is caused by problems of the integrative sensory system in the brain. For someone with a healthy brain, the senses: hearing, sight, taste, touch, and smell all communicate with each other and reaffirm the input from the surroundings. Therefore, the brain can make correct responses to the information.

In the brain with autism, these senses do not communicate correctly with each other, and the input is overwhelming to the kid who then responds in ways that aren’t socially acceptable, this is not conscious misbehaviour but rather a subconscious level.

When it comes to studying autism, deep pressure has been found to help calm down the integrative sensory system, which helps the senses to talk to each other through the brain and cause a calming effect which allows the child to perform better during the day and sleep well at night.

Weighted products such as weight in their pockets and vests can help during the day. On the other hand, weighted blankets can help normalise sleep patterns at night or even during day breaks. Although these weighted products do not work for all kids, you can tell if they may help your kid. If your kid responds to deep pressure like a downward pressure on the shoulders or tight hug, a vest may be appropriate. If your son or daughters love to have a pile of blankets when sleeping, then it is a clear indication that a gravity blanket will be of great help when it comes to sleeping.

If you have decided to get a gravity blanket for your child with autism, then there are a few things you need to know. First, the weight matters a lot. Weighted blankets are plenty in the market and are available in all manner of sizes and weights. Therefore, since you want the best for your kid, you should do your research which includes visiting experts and get recommendations on which gravity products will work on your child. This way, you will get weighted products that will help your child rather than stressing them.

It is also critical to note that there are many weighted blankets manufacturers and stores out there and not all are equal. Some only want to make money while exploiting unsuspecting clients. Therefore, for the welfare of your son or daughter with autism, be sure to do proper research and know which gravity products dealer or manufactures produces or supplies quality products. This way, you are sure to get the right calming blanket and other gravity products that will make life easy for your child. You can always get referrals from medical practitioners as well as doing research online.